1-day Beginners workshop

Whether you are completely new to photography and want to learn the basics, or want to refresh your skills and take your photography to the next level: this 1-day beginners workshop, taking place in a zoo, is here to help you master your camera.

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If you just bought yourself a nice new camera, I can hear you think: ‘what on earth do I need to do with all those buttons?’ Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

I will help you understand the basics of photography in a step-by-step way, so you can take full control of all those buttons! It will be no longer the camera who decides how your photo will turn out, but you telling the camera exactly how you want your photo to look!

In this course I will teach you all you want to know about photography, using my experience of years of being a professional nature & wildlife photographer. As example of the subjects we discuss, I will show you my own photos. I will also tell you stories about my photography in Africa and many other countries, and teach you everything I came to know about photography over the years. In this way you will improve your photography skills so much faster than just learning the theory. Oh, and it creates a fun and informal setting!

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Perfect voor beginners, gevorderde, als je de kunst van het fotograferen verder wil ontdekken of de puntjes op de i wilt zetten. Ik heb deze dag enorm genoten! Zeer duidelijke uitleg en de professionele kennis voel je bij alle opdrachten. TOP locatie en fijne groep.

Harma Huiting
Deze cursus is zowel goed voor beginners als diegene die hun basis kennis willen opfrissen. Krijn legt op een duidelijke manier de basis principes uit met veel praktijk voorbeelden van zijn vele reizen! Er is ook ruimte voor een op een advies tijdens het praktijk gedeelte. Aanrader!

Ronald de Lange
Ik heb menig cursus gedaan, maar hier werd alles goed uitgelegd. Geen haast maar op een goede en duidelijk manier zodat het voor beginneling zelfs te begrijpen is. Ik raad deze cursus iedereen aan!

Tineke Achterberg
Inspirerende locatie, heldere en duidelijke uitleg over de onderwerpen, nette hand-out en certificaat. Hele fijne cursus! Tot de vervolg cursus!

Elise Seinen
Photography pyramids in Sudan krijn van der giessen


My courses start at the basics. We look at your camera in a physical way to learn to understand all the abbreviations, buttons, etc. How does your camera work? Why do you need (or do not need) different lenses?

Then we will look at the first practical steps: aperture, shutter speed, iso value, exposure compensation. What does this mean? How do you use and control it? And how do you use it to unlock endless creativity?

Now it’s time to get off auto, and move to more creative camera settings: you are in control of your camera now! Next up are subjects like composition, direction of light, white balance, the histogram and more.

To finish off we will play around with the creative options we came to know during the course: we will do some light painting, look at how to photograph stars and star trails and transform you into ‘photo journalist for a day’, when you go out on your first photo assignment, shooting your best possible photo! All for fun of course!

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Roe deer in the Netherlands copyright by Krijn van der Giessen