Explore the unimaginable // 21 & 28 January 2023

The Northern Lights of Arctic Lapland

During this Photo Tour to Sweden you will take the most spectacular photos of the Northern Lights! From wilderness huts with great hospitality you will explore and photograph stunning snowy landscapes, frozen waterfalls, elands, reindeer and local birds. We will meet the local Sami people, enjoy a dog sledding tour and cook our lunch over an open campfire. This Northern Lights Photo Tour is a true adventure!

21 January 2023 (fully booked – 1 spot under option)
28 January 2023 (2 spots available)

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This Sweden Photo Tour will take place in the midst of the arctic winter. The landscape will turn into a real winter wonderland and it is very, very likely to see the the Northern Lights this time of the year. Best of all: it will be you who is capturing it! From a stunning and secluded wilderness camp, only minutes from the arctic circle, we will start our quest for photographing the Northern lights. A masterclass by local specialist Olav Bosma prepares you to capture the best possible photos of the aurora and wintery landscapes. No northern lights that night? The Milky Way and startrails create equally beautiful pictures.

Our basecamp boosts a traditional ‘grillkåtan’, a Swedish firehut where we will enjoy scrumptious home cooked meals around the warming flames. Are you a bit chilly? The wood fired sauna will warm up you after a long day in the Arctic cold.

During the day we will have a jam-packed program. For starters we will meet the Sami, learn all about their culture and have the chance to photograph their reindeer up close. A traditional meal will be enjoyed around the fire in a teepee.

Frozen waterfalls and snowy forests set the scene for amazing landscape photography. Another set of workshops and one-on-one photography instructions prepare you to take the most amazing landscape photos. Whilst driving around our guide knows the ‘hotspots’ for elands & reindeer, so during these photo safaris there is big chance we will spot the wildlife! A day photographing native birds from different hides is the cherry on the cake when it comes to Arctic wildlife photography!

To finish off: what is a visit to arctic lapland without dogsledding? We will spend a full day cruising the wonderful forests, being towed by a team off very keen huskies! We will cook lunch over a fire in the middle of nowhere, which will finish off this photo tour to Sweden and Arctic Lapland!

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21 Jan – 28 Jan ’23  |  8 days
28 Jan – 4 Feb ’23  |  8 days

6 guests   +   2 (photo) guides

€ 2.300 per person

All Co2 is offset by us!

-20ᵒC to -5ᵒC  (-4ᵒF to 23ᵒF)

Nighttrain, minibus, dog sledge

Arctic Lapland around Arctic Circle

(Wilderness) cabins  +  all meals & non-alcoholic drinks included.

Daily workshops and masterclasses.

Once in a lifetime experience to view and photograph the Northern Lights! In depth masterclasses teach you the best way to capture this natural phenomenon. Please note, this natural phenomenon can't be guaranteed. 

Frozen waterfalls make for a unique photographic opportunity. We will spend an afternoon walking around a 5km long frozen river that makes for a superb photographic experience. 

Stay in (wilderness) cabins. Located in the middle of nowhere, away from the tourist trails, you will experience nothing but the best of Swedish nature. 

Wake up early to see the deep pink & purple sunrise over winter wonderland! We know the best spots to capture these sunrises, so we will ensure we are there at the right time. 

Daily hearty home cooked dinners will be enjoyed around the fire in a traditional ‘grillkåtan’, a Swedish fire hut. The meals will ensure you have the needed nutrients and give you the energy to beat the cold!

Spot & photograph wild elands and reindeer during our custom made photo safaris. You also have the chance to see foxes and many other residents of the Arctic animal kingdom. 

Meet the traditional Sami people, learn all about their culture, taste their food and meet and photograph their reindeer. Not a touristic 'play' but the real stuff!

An afternoon photographing local birds from 2 photographic hides, whilst they play around in the snow. 

We will provide you with special clothing to ensure you won't feel cold in extreme temperatures: insulated snow boots, jackets, pants, gloves, hats & balaclavas will protect you from the cold!

Cook your own lunch over an open campfire in the snow. A warming and delicious experience the same time!

  Spend daily one-on-one time with your photographic guide, for ultimate photographic instructions. You will be amazed how quickly your photography skills improve! 

Travel by nighttrain from Stockholm to the Arctic Circle. This special way of travel ensures the smallest environmental footprint and allows for beautiful vistas of the snowy landscapes. 

Daily workshops & masterclasses: from wildlife and nature photography to taking nighttime photos of the northern lights, milky-way and star-trails, and from photo editing to mastering your photo organization! 



Price is based on a shared room (no single rooms available due to the limited beds available)


Night train from Stockholm to the Arctic Circle in a 3 person compartment with lay-flat beds. The return trip from Lulea to Stockholm is not included. See the 'not included' section for the explanation. 

All accommodation (based on shared bunk bed rooms) from the day you arrive until the day you leave. 

6 nights in nature cabin.

Essential insulated clothing to stay warm in extreme temperatures: jacket, pants, snowboots, hat & balaclava.

All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) from the moment you catch the train until you reach the airplane on the way back.

All non-alcoholic drinks. Due to the remote locations, no alcoholic drinks will be available during this photo tour.

Local transportation by private vehicles.

A full-time local wilderness guide who possesses endless knowledge of the area we are in. 

VAT, bed levies & tourist taxes  (subject to change as per our T&C’s). 

Krijn van der Giessen as your personal photography guide, with daily one-on-one instructions, masterclasses and workshops. 

Please note that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and cannot be guaranteed. It depends on the solar activity, but also the clarity of the night skies...

Not included:

Flights to and from Stockholm to your home destination

Flight or train from Lulea back to Stockholm. Since the night train takes over 12 hours to reach Stockholm, some photo tour guests prefer to fly back to Stockholm to speed up the return home. This is why the return trip to Stockholm in not included. I am however more than happy to assist you with booking the night train ticket if you prefer to take this option. 

Spending money for personal expenses 

Alcoholic drinks

Travel insurance (compulsory for all tour guests) 

Covid-19 related costs, like compulsory PCR tests

Photography equipment 

EUR 12,- + btw STO Garant guarantee fund costs

  No hidden fees! 


The camp is located on the edge of a large frozen lake, which feels like a true piece of paradise. We have booked this camp outright, so we are the only guests. The owners cook for us every night. Local and traditional dishes can be expected! This camp however is far removed from the main world. The sauna is the place where you can shower, using warm water from the heater: such a nice experience. There is no 'normal' shower. The toilet is a compost toilet. This toilet is very eco friendly and doesn't use any water. Of course it feels like a normal toilet, but it is located just outside of your cabin. You will share your room with other guests. 1 night we will stay in a true wilderness cabin. Here we share one room with all guests. But this is a small price you have to be pay for such a unique experience!

Please note that the order of this program will vary depending on which tour (1 or 2) you book. 

Day 1:

Today is the first day of your photography tour to Sweden! We will meet up for dinner with all the other travelers in the group. Around 9pm we will leave Stockholm Airport travelling with the night train to the Arctic circle. A 12-hour train ride lays ahead of us, but because we booked a sleeping compartment you can enjoy a good night rest whilst the train slowly cruises the wintery landscape. 


Day 2:

Welcome to winter wonderland! When you, after a good night sleep in the train, open your eyes early morning, you will be completely surrounded by snow. Whilst enjoying our breakfast in the bistro wagon of the train, you might spot some elands jumping through the waist deep snow. 

Once we arrive, our local guide will be awaiting us. It takes about 45 minutes before we reach our wilderness camp which will be the accommodation for the coming nights! We will meet our lovely hosts Stefan and Martina. Since this is a very remote part of the world, the accommodation we stay in is indeed relatively basic. Wooden huts, bunk beds, outside compost toilet... However, our camp is located at the most spectacular location, very, very cosy, with the best local hospitality!

We will settle in, pick our correct size winter clothing and have some lunch before we go out for a walk to explore the area. Can you spot some great locations for the possible northern lights? Scouting a good location is 90% of the quality of your photo. Keep your eyes open : )

Upon our return we will give a workshop about northern light photography. This will prepare you for the possible natural spectacle tonight. We will also touch on astro photography: ensuring we can capture stars and star trails in case the northern lights do not show.


Day 3:

Have you ever dreamt about spending some time with husky's? Today you will find yourself dogsledding through the spectacular landscapes of Arctic Sweden. Half of the group will head towards the husky's, whilst the other half will visit a local Sami home. 

Husky dogsledding: as a real dog musher you will prepare the huskies for an exciting day of sledding. You will play with them (and take some cool close-up shots) and help to put them in their positions in front of the sledge. Today we make use of a larger sledge, so you can sit down and take some photos whilst being pulled through the beautiful landscape with a professional dog musher in the lead. We obviously stop at photogenic vistas. You will enjoy lunch cooked by yourself over an open fire. 

Sami experience: the other half of the group will visit the home of local Sami people. Sitting around the fire in the teepee, you will get to know the Sami culture whilst sipping on their traditional coffee. We will walk around their farm and meet the reindeer. Most of their reindeer roam around freely in the surrounding forests, but here they keep the newborns, elderly and weaker deer. This gives us a UNIQUE possibility to take details close-up shots of the animals! Traditional Sami lunch will be enjoyed around the fire in the teepee.

At night we hope for northern lights again... 


Day 4:

Depending on the time we went to bed (hey, the northern lights might show up in the middle of the night!) we wake up early to capture some sunrise landscapes. You can expect orange and pink colors, which you might want to frame with some snow-covered trees. after breakfast we hop into our vans and start a 2-hour drive towards Storforsen: a 5oo meter long frozen 'waterfall' like river. On our way there we drive the small backroads, spotting elands, reindeers and hopefully many other animals. When we spot something worthwhile, we get out of the car to capture the scene. 

After we have photographed the waterfall, we have a delicious lunch at the local hotel. Do you have ND filters? Bring them! You will capture amazing footage if you can slow down your shutter speed. 

Northern lights at night... No lights? Stars, star trails or maybe a moonlit landscape will be the subjects we focus on. 


Day 5:

Today will be identical to Monday, but the 2 groups will be swapped for you to experience the other activity. At night we will hunt for the Aurora again...

Day 6:

It is a bit of a drive, but so worth our while! We will leave early to drive just over a 100km towards the edge of the mountains. Our destination is the well-known local photographer Gunilla Falk. You can expect the most spectacular Swedish landscape you can imagine. Not many other people are allowed to come here, as it is private property, but for our group Gunilla happily makes an exemption.  A bird hide located in her 'backyard' gives you the opportunity to photograph rare local birds like crossbeak, brown-headed tit and Siberian Jays, among other interesting birds. We will spend we few hours capturing these beautiful animals. Before sunset we head to the river (that always flows, even in the depth of winter) and capture sunset landscapes. 


Day 7:

Today is the last full day of this Sweden Photo Tour, but a very exciting one. Today is the national day of the traditional Sami people, which they celebrate with a traditional festival in Jokkmokk. We will have the unique opportunity to photograph the festivities like reindeer races and their traditional market. Expect the Sami to wear their traditional attire, which makes for sensational photographic opportunities!


Day 8:

Today we say goodbye to our local guide as we head towards Lulea. This is the end of a fabulous photo tour to the arctic. You have the opportunity to fly back to Stockholm or to take the night train. As the preferences for each guests are different, this part of the trip is not included in the per person price. We are obviously more than happy to assist you with the night train booking if you prefer t travel that way. Flight tickets from Lulea to Stockholm can be easiest purchased online. 

Why don't you travel to Abisko?

The locations we travel to are equally beautiful as Abisko but without the crowds! Our vision is to show you the places off the tourist trails, so we can enjoy true nature and culture without being disturbed by hundreds of other tourist (yes, that is how many tourists you will meet in Abisko). This northern lights Photo Tour is unique because of the locations we travel to, the stunning landscapes and the professional photographic advise you will receive! And the Northern Lights will be as good as a few kilometers further north. 

Who is the local specialist you work with?

We work together with Olav Bosma of "Frosty Trails". Olav has been living in the Arctic for over a decade and runs amazing dogsledding adventures! Olav is a great photographer and wilderness guide, so you will from both his local and photography knowledge. 

What do I wear?

We provide you with all the specialistic clothes you need. Check out this website of Frosty Trails for all other information about getting dressed for the cold. http://www.frostytrails.com/getting-dressed-cold/ 

How experienced do I need to be?

It doesn’t matter! Our tours are all about the nature, wildlife and photography, and we travel with guests of all skill-levels. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, we would love to have you on one of our Photo Tours!

We take the necessary time to teach you how to take the perfect wildlife and nature photos. We only start taking snaps ourselves when all of our guests are happy and comfortable with their own cameras. Until that moment, we are there to support you and give you advice!

My partner doesn't take photos. Can he/she come along?

Although our Photo Tours are, as the name suggests, centred around photography, we would absolutely love to welcome your partner if he or she would like to join us.

However, it is important to note that the focus of our tour guides will be on those who are taking photos. That said, with the stunning surroundings in which we’ll be immersed, the tours are just as enjoyable for those who don’t want to take photos all the time.

Besides this, we will have the loan equipment with us as well. If it’s not already in use, we can guarantee you that your partner won’t be able to resist the temptation of trying to take some shots him/herself as well!

What do I need to bring?

There are some key items you have to bring, such as your camera gear, clothing suitable for the season of the tour, and some other basic items. When you book your Photo Tour with us, we will send you a packing list based on the specific tour, which will help you prepare and ensure nothing is left behind.

I don't have my own camera gear.

You don’t need professional camera gear to join our Photo Tour. However, a DSLR camera with zoom lens will come in very handy.

Remember, you can use our loan equipment (a canon DSLR body, free of charge!) and play with our professional lenses on our tours. Please let us know before you book if you would like to borrow a camera, since we only have limited availability and don’t want to disappoint anybody.

Last but not least, we also have guests joining our tours who don’t take photos at all. They just join us for the amazing nature, fabulous atmosphere and once-in-a-lifetime experience!

How do I book my Photo Tour?

Simply contact us via one of the options below:

– Book directly via our booking page

– Send an email to info@krijnvandergiessen.com

– Call us on +31 6 151 02588 or +971 5 66 263 831. Feel free to use WhatsApp on +971 5 66 263 831 if you call from a foreign country.

– Fill out this contact form

Once you’ve let us know you are interested, we will send you all the information you need to book your Photo Tour!

What are the Terms & Conditions?

You can download our Terms & Conditions on here.

How have you organised the guarantee for travel packages?

Krijn van der Giessen Photography has organised the Travel Guarantee via STO Garant. Please read all about this on this page.

Are Photo Tours safe?

Absolutely. Photo Tours are safe as long as you listen to the professional guides and rangers. They are in charge on our tours. Keep in mind that we are in nature and animals can always behave in an unpredictable way, but risks are kept to a minimum wherever possible.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us so we can personally answer any questions you may have about safety.

I travel alone. Do I have to share a room?

You don’t have to share a room, but it is the standard option for our tours. If you’d prefer a room to yourself, this will come at an additional cost. Please refer to the pricing section of each specific Photo Tour for full details.

We do recommend sharing a room with someone else. We’ve learnt from experience that people sharing a room develop a very special friendship. Sharing such an amazing trip with someone you don’t know creates a bond you won’t experience if you opt to stay by yourself.

Room-mates are always chosen based primarily on gender, but we can’t guarantee same-sex sharing as this depends on the mix of guests with which we will travel.

When do I have to pay for my Photo Tour?

To secure your spot on one of our Photo Tours, an initial payment of 20% is due. The outstanding balance is due 90 days prior to departure. Paid amounts are non-refundable. 

What brands of camera do you support?

We make use of Canon camera gear ourselves, but we welcome all brands of cameras on our tours. CanonNikonSony or any other brand – they’re all welcome with us!

Which languages do you speak?

English is the main language of our tours. Since we travel with people from all over the world, it is important to have a basic understanding of the English language (it is the most universal and easily accepted for this type of adventure). Since Krijn is from a Dutch heritage, he is fluent in Dutch as well.

We start where others stop: The reasons why you should join one of our Photo Tours are endless. When you travel with us, you are guaranteed loads of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We focus fully on photography, and pride ourselves on the fact that we start where others stop. 

Personal: We travel in small groups (8 people maximum, though smaller) of like-minded photographers. This ensures plenty of focus on you as an individual, and gives us the opportunity to ensure you’ll always have a window seat in our vehicles. We book small and exclusive accommodation which allows for uninterrupted views and plenty of candid photography opportunities. 

Superb hospitality: We absolutely love great food and luxury accommodation, so our Photo Tours are filled with it! Your personal photographic guide Krijn doesn’t have the title of the best photo tour operator for nothing. Although he has over 15 years experience as a nature, wildlife and culture photographer, Krijn also has over a decade of international hospitality management under his belt. For these reasons combined we go the extra mile to ensure we stay in unique lodges and serve up something delicious and, where possible, local. Picture seafood buffets on the beach, spit grills in the bush, home-made breads and some great bottles of wine and you’ll get an idea of the food we usually enjoy. We also cater to any dietary needs and requirements you may have. 

Experienced: We always travel with local and highly experienced guides and rangers. This not only ensures you will be treated to the finest and ‘off the beaten track’ locations, but it also gives us the opportunity to customise the experience for you. Learn from Krijn's experience as travel photographer. In the past years he travelled through over 50 countries, in search of the perfect photos and exciting new locations for our photo tours. 

Professional: At the end of each day, we will share our opinion about the photos taken that day. Professional advice is given to help you improve your skills, or just to help you get that second pair of eyes to encourage a different angle. How much advice you’d like to receive, as well as how in-depth you’d like to go is completely up to you. 

Fun: Our tours are mainly focused on photography, but what is life without a bit of fun? It’s one of the most important reasons we want you to travel with us! Together we will share our experiences around a bonfire, we’ll shoot star trails, engage in light painting, fly in open-door helicopters and, once the day is done, unwind with a hot beverage and a board game or two. 

Sustainable & ethical: Sustainable travel is key: wherever we go, we only leave our footprints. As much as possible, we try to offset carbon emissions and work together with local specialists. Besides that, we believe in ethical travel: we never feed animals to lure them in our direction, but rather go to areas with naturally high animal populations. 

All skill levels:We love to travel with all levels of photographers, from beginners to experts. At the end of the day it is all about the overall experience, and not about how good your photography skills may be. We encourage the group to assist each other in attempting and experimenting with new techniques. Krijn will personally help you become a more confident photographer – building on your strengths and helping you improve your weak points. 

Jam packed: We understand it’s not every day you embark on a journey like this: so lets make most of it! We jam pack our tours with interesting content, and don’t waste any time with irrelevant gaps in the program. We will fly you where possible from location to location, to not waste time driving. We have a well though-through itinerary from early morning until bedtime, to offer you only the very best the destination has to offer! Guaranteed no hidden fees gives you peace of mind when it comes to the financial side of things!

21 January 2023
28 January 2023

Are you ready for the photo tour of a lifetime? This is a very popular tour, so you might want to get in quick to avoid disappointment. 



More information?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this photo tour.



STO garant

This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (www.sto-garant.nl/en/downloads).

  • Last week we went to Swedish Lapland with Krijn van der Giessen. WOW what an amazing experience it was. All was very well organised and the expertise of Krijn teaching us how to make photo's in special circumstances was perfect. I highly recommend everyone to go on one of his great photo tours.
    Mario Wagenaar
    Mario Wagenaar
  • Well where shall I start... I booked a trip to Sweden with Krijn. What an adventure that was! Well arranged, good accommodation and great local guide. Krijn takes the time and answers all questions about different settings of your camera. A lot of variation in the days, with day and night photography. Just a journey with the emphasis on experience, tranquility, purity of nature and not to forget all your photo highlights in places others can't just visit!
    Dennis Versteeg
    Dennis Versteeg

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