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A Photo Tour is the best way to improve your photography skills, whilst becoming a world traveller by visiting the world’s most wonderful places!

We travel in small groups (8 people maximum, though often smaller) of like-minded photographers. This allows ample personal attention and makes it easier to go where ever we want to go.

We take as much time as necessary in order to allow you to take the best possible photos. As the group guide, I will help you find your camera’s optimal settings, just in time to snap that beautiful sunrise in all its glory.

We organise special permits for game reserves and national parks, enabling us to go where very few can. We fly in door-off helicopters, light bonfires at night, photograph the Milky Way and star-trails, all whilst indulging in the most delicious food and appreciating luxury accommodation!

Krijn in middle of Great Migration kenya


Are you someone who loves to travel to exotic and exciting places, but hate having to share the destination with hundreds of noisy tourists?

Do you want to savour every second as you take the time to look for the right angle for a photograph, without needing to hurry because your fellow travellers want to move on?

Do you want a professional and experienced photographer to help optimise your camera, ready and waiting for that award-winning photo moment?

Are you a food connoisseur, one who prefers beautifully cooked local dishes enjoyed under the stars rather than line up at a crowded buffet?

If you’ve nodded along in agreement, you’re a perfect travel partner! This is exactly the way I like to travel, and why I organise my Photo Tours the way I do.

Fotograferen fotograferen zonsopkomst in de mist in Drenthe


– A Photo Tour means a journey off the beaten track to the world’s most wonderful places. Simply put, we visit the best photographic locations in existence whilst you are guided by a top photographer.

– After-hours entry permits mean we beat the crowds and off-road permits enable us to get as close to the perfect shot spot as possible.

– They’re not luxurious photo tours for nothing. Superb hospitality, and catering to the highest standards – immaculate lodges and 5 star tented camps are just the beginning!

– Travel with like-minded people. The best photo tour experience is shared with strangers that, by the end of the trip, will feel like family.

– Shoot star trails and the Milky Way, and dabble in some midnight light painting.

– No photo tour destination is complete without a fun twist: from door-off helicopter flights to hot air balloon rides


– Daily one-on-one photo reviews and education. In real time I will give you photography instructions. Together we’ll get you to take the perfect photo!

– During the Photo Tour you’re very welcome to borrow any of our equipment and try it out, including zoom lenses and camera bodies.

– We are here to support you. You can expect our full attention. We only take snaps ourselves when you are 100% happy.

– If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please let us know. We’ll happily cater to your specific needs.

– Ultimate hospitality – you will be able to take full advantage of the experience I have gained in over a decade working as General Manager for international high-end hospitality businesses.


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