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Krijn is a wildlife, nature and culture photographer who combines his love for photography, travel and the outdoors with his experience and passion for hospitality. This unique blend of skills and interests create the foundation for what we do: sharing the spectacular wonders of the world with you.

Krijn in middle of Great Migration kenya
My love for photography started at the age of 10, when I took my first “real” photos at Legoland in Denmark. After 2 years of washing cars in the neighbourhood in which I grew up, I saved enough money to buy my first SLR camera.

After finishing my studies I started travelling the world as General Manager for various exclusive hospitality businesses. This allowed me to live in 5 different continents. It was during these years and the associated travel to many amazing places that I became hooked on wildlife and nature photography.

Now, 25 years after taking my first pictures, I am fully dedicated to travelling the world photographing and capturing the beauty within wildlife and nature. I would love to invite you to join me on one of the many adventures. It would be amazing if we could discover the most beautiful destinations on our planet together!


Travelling the globe has led me to the most wonderful places. But without a doubt, one continent really stole my heart: Africa.

I have been travelling to and living in Africa (in some shape or form) for over 15 years, and every time I return I’m always struck by its beauty: the people, their hospitality, the colours, the nature, the wildlife; there just isn’t anywhere like it.

My love for Africa reached an all-time high when I started my 2016 adventure, traversing the continent from South to North and travelling through 17 African countries in total. 35,000 km of mainly off-road exploring allowed me to travel where the few have been before.

Sharing these adventures and moments with like-minded people is the core of what I do. Join me on one of my photo tours: I guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime photography adventure!



Countries visited

Over the years I travelled through more than 70 countries. See the map below for an overview!


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