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Join us on an exclusive, small group photo adventure to the World’s most beautiful places: experience breathtaking landscapes and discover wildlife and culture like you’ve never seen before. Enjoy the best one-on-one photography workshops, superb hospitality and loads of fun!

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Hi, I am Krijn, a nature and wildlife photographer with a passion for hospitality. With a background in hospitality management education, I combine my love for photography, travel, and nature with my years of experience in hospitality to offer you unforgettable photography workshops and spectacular photo trips.

My passion for hospitality and photography has taken me on a journey around the world. Over the years I lived abroad for 12 years and travelled to over 70 countries.

My love for Africa is particularly noteworthy, as I spent nine months traveling across the African continent in a 1983 Land Rover Defender. During my travels, I captured not only the natural beauty of Africa but also the rich cultures and diverse people that call it home. This experience has allowed me to view life from a different perspective and appreciate the delicate balance between nature and humanity.

My expertise in hospitality and my passion for nature and photography are evident in the photography workshops and trips I organize. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer, I invite you to join me on a journey to capture the beauty of nature in a way that exceeds your expectations. The workshops and trips are designed to inspire and guide you in your photographic journey, and I am committed to ensuring that you feel welcome and supported every step of the way!

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