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Explore the unimaginable

Join us on an exclusive, small group photo adventure to the World’s most beautiful places: experience breathtaking landscapes and discover wildlife and culture like you’ve never seen before. Enjoy the best one-on-one photography workshops, superb hospitality and loads of fun!


Upcoming dates : 26 January & 2 February 2019

1-day Photography Workshop

Aimed at (beginning) photographers who want to be in control of their photography. Learn how to get off ‘auto mode’ and how unlock endless creativity. You will learn all about your camera, basic camera handling techniques, aperture, shutter speed and iso, exposure compensation, light metering, the histogram and composition.



May 2019

South Africa Photo Tour

We will spend 12 unforgettable days in the greatest South African wilderness reserves, some of the best wildlife viewing areas in the world. An amazing diversity of eco-systems allow us to see a spectacular variety of the most beautiful animals and scenery. We fly you from lodge to lodge, where we indulge in fabulous food and the best of photography tuition!



Explore the unimaginable


There’s nothing quite like it…
Tip-toeing through the bush, trying to get as close as possible.
You hope the animal won’t see you, but deep down you know better.


As a wildlife photographer my biggest passion is observing animals in their natural habitat, trying to familiarise myself with their lifestyle and working out the best way to photograph them. Nothing beats the feeling of trekking through grasslands or thick forests, approaching them as closely (and safely) as possible. Waiting for that one moment to capture them at their most magnificent.

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Explore the unimaginable

Landscape & nature

Watch your step.
If you’re not careful, you’ll crush something beautiful.
Landscapes are not just in front of you, but also right below your feet.


Landscapes and scenery are amongst my main subjects of interest. One can take stunning photographs of mountain ranges, waterfalls, towering forests or, like this example, the Danakil depression. It is the hottest place on earth. Beautiful salt crystal formations are formed by bubbling thermal springs. Heavy metals and minerals are transported from deep below, creating the most amazing colours.

Explore the unimaginable

People & culture

Nothing is as pure as the wonder of children.
Reading their story on their faces, seeing the light in their eyes.
It’s a special interaction with beautiful people.


When travelling, it is mainly the culture, the people, and their way of life that catch my eye. Even when photographing landscapes, it is quite often the people around me that make my day – and the shoot.

Chatting to the local inhabitants, and gaining their trust, regularly leads me to the most wonderful sites. They’re generally off the beaten track, not always easy to reach, but they’re always absolutely beautiful.

View my gallery of portraits shot during some of my trips.


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